Meet Delta Dog

Delta Dog

Every Journey Needs a Guide

Delta Dog will guide us through our ctcLink project, acting as our trustworthy companion as we prepare for and move to a new software system.

With the implementation of ctcLink, our campus will experience an unprecedented change.

Not only will the conversion affect every employee and student on campus, but it will change the way we do our business processes. It’s not simply a matter of adapting to new software, but also about adapting to the change in how we work.

We like to think of this change as a journey from the current state to the future state.
Delta Dog

Why a Dog?

While Delta Dog is fictional, she represents real-life characteristics we find in our furry friends:

Loyalty: Dogs are known as “man’s best friend.” They stick with you. We want Delta Dog to represent that people are not alone on this journey through change. We are here to help.

Delta Dog Companionship: Some breeds are used as seeing-eye dogs and assistants for the differently abled. Dogs accompany people on their journey through life, and, in unique cases, save lives (Lassie!). Dog lovers in general enjoy taking their dogs on short journeys, too, such as walks, runs, and hikes. This reminds us, too, that we have many different types of people of differing abilities who will need to be trained on ctcLink.

Trustworthiness: Some breeds point the way, while others help law enforcement track a lead. We trust dogs to help us in any number of ways, as noted earlier.

Optimism: Dogs have a carefree, look-on-the-bright-side attitude. They see the best in people and situations and provide a comforting, reassuring presence, which will be a welcome relief from ctcLink technology, since technology itself can seem intimidating and cold.

Delta Dog For ctcLink project news, visit the blog.

Why Call Her Delta?

The Greek letter Delta looks like a triangle. Delta denotes change. You’ll see that Delta Dog’s head is shaped like a triangle. She’s also wearing a triangular-shaped dog collar.

And, Delta is a short word beginning with a “d,” making it an alliterative and easy-to-remember name.

Delta DogDelta Dog provides unique branding for ctcLink messaging, helping it stand apart from other campus projects and injecting some whimsy as we work together on our journey through change.

Delta Dog’s Playlist

These songs make our canine companion’s tail wag. On her quest to find a theme song, Delta Dog decided she couldn’t pick any one favorite.

Join the Journey

Would your department like to learn more about ctcLink and how it will affect your work? A member of the ctcLink Project team — accompanied by Delta Dog — can come talk to your group. Schedule a meeting by emailing

Development of Delta Dog

Delta Dog original by Dena Dillon During a change management retreat in October 2016, Dena Dillon sketched Delta Dog on a whim. She was looking for a lighthearted symbol or image to counter the stress that change can bring. Dena loves dogs, so drawing a furry friend came first to mind.

The dog’s triangular-shaped head and name — Delta — were intentional. The Greek letter Delta looks like a triangle. Delta denotes change. Change is at the core of the ctcLink project, and Dena captured that element visually through Delta Dog.

Delta Dog by Kelly WongDena didn’t know she would be creating a lasting symbol for Highline’s ctcLink project. But the qualities dogs are known for — such as helpfulness and companionship — align perfectly with the attributes that the ctcLink team wanted to convey for their role in the project.

Although Dena has retired from Highline, Delta Dog lives on, acting as our trustworthy guide as we prepare for and move to a new software system. Dena’s rough sketch inspired the new version of Delta Dog, created by Highline’s senior designer, Kelly Wong.[/fusion_tagline_box]

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