Welcome to the Institutional Effectiveness Web Page

What is institutional effectiveness?

In brief, institutional effectiveness refers to the college’s effectiveness in meeting its mission and stakeholder needs, especially its students’ goals. More broadly, it is the college’s effectiveness in meeting five fundamental responsibilities to:

  1. Meet stakeholder needs, especially its students needs
  2. Keep its promises
  3. Ensure its health and well-being, and deploy resources effectively, prudently, and efficiently (i.e. stewardship)
  4. Serve the public good.
  5. Demonstrate its quality and effectiveness in fulfilling these responsibilities. This is accountability.

(Source: Suskie, Linda (2015). Five Dimensions of Quality, p. 52.)


The purpose of this web page is to help our campus improve our institutional effectiveness by supporting continuous improvement across Highline College. Here you will find the documents and resources you need to record and reflect on your own data.

This work is in alignment with 1.B.1 in the 2020 NWCCU Accreditation Standards:

  • 1.B.1 The institution demonstrates a continuous process to assess institutional effectiveness, including student learning and achievement and support services. The institution uses an ongoing and systematic evaluation and planning process to inform and refine its effectiveness, assign resources, and improve student learning and achievement.

For more information about the Accreditation process, please visit the website.

For faculty instruction, please visit the website Assessment of Student Learning

The work of Institutional Effectiveness is intended to align with the college’s Mission, Vision and Values; Strategic Plan and Core Themes.

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